UNSMIL announces formation of LPDF’s Advisory Committee

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 4 January 2021:

Acting UNSMIL head, Stephanie Williams, announced Saturday (2 January) the establishment of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum’s (LPDF) Advisory Committee. Williams said she was grateful to the LPDF members for their active and constructive participation.

UNSMIL revealed that it had received a total of 28 nominations from the LPDF and commended the enthusiasm demonstrated by the LPDF members in the nomination process.

UNSMIL reported that in line with the LPDF’s core principle of inclusivity, it has expanded the membership of the Advisory Committee to 18 members to ensure broad geographical and political diversity as well as the participation of women, youth, and cultural components.

It explained that the Committee’s mandate will be strictly time-bound and its main mission shall be to discuss outstanding issues related to the selection of a unified executive and to put forward concrete and practical recommendations upon which the plenary shall decide.

It stressed that Libya’s planned national elections date of December 24, 2021 remains a sine qua non (an essential condition/absolutely necessity) for UNSMIL, a guiding principle and an un-renounceable goal.

The members of the Advisory Committee are as follows:


1   السيدة وافية سيف النصر Wafia saifalnaser (Ms.)
2   السيدة سلطنة المسماري Sultana Al-Mismari (Ms.)
3  السيدة سيدة اليعقوبي Saida Al-Yaquti (Ms.)
4  السيد محمد العجيلي الحسناوي Mohamed Ajeli Al-Hasnawi
5  السيد محمد ادم لينو Mohamed Adam Lino
6  السيد حسين الانصاري Hussien Al-Ansari
7  السيد عبد الرحمن العبار Abdelrahman Al-Abbar
8  السيد انس سعيد الحمري Anis Saeed Al-Himri
9  السيد خالد الاسطى Khaled Al-Usta
10  السيد موسى فرج Musa Faraj
11  السيد علي عبد العزيز Ali Abdel Aziz
12  السيد سعيد صالح كلا Saeed Saleh Kala
13  السيد عبدالله عثمان Abdalla Othman
14  السيد نزار كعوان Nizar Kawan
15  السيد الشيباني عبدالله الشيباني Shibani Abdalla Shibani
16  السيد محمد اللافي Mohamed Al-Lafi
17  السيد أحمد الشركسي Ahmed Al-Sharkasi
18  السيد أبو بكر العبيدي. Abubaker Al-Abedi


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