UNSMIL and Libya Security Working Group reiterate support to full implementation of ceasefire, international ceasefire monitors expected

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 9 January 2021:

UNSMIL reported today that on 6 January, the co-chairs of the Security Working Group (SWG) for Libya, represented by the African Union, France, Italy, Turkey, and the United Kingdom and UNSMIL held a virtual meeting to discuss the security situation in Libya and ways to support the work of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC).

The SWG renewed its call on all parties to accelerate the implementation of the ceasefire, particularly the opening of the Coastal Road between Abu Grein and Sirte, as well as the immediate repatriation of all foreign fighters and mercenaries, UNSMIL said.

Acting UNSMIL head Stephanie Williams praised the efforts of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission and the progress made so far towards the implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement, including the recent exchanges of detainees conducted under the JMC’s supervision, as part of wider confidence-building measures; the resumption of flights to all parts of Libya; the full resumption of oil production and export; as well as the proposed unification and restructuring of the Petroleum Facilities Guards.

UNSMIL reiterated its call on all parties to adhere to international humanitarian and human rights law, including the protection of civilians, especially by allowing and facilitating a safe and rapid delivery of humanitarian aid and services to all communities affected by COVID-19.

UNSMIL foresees deployment of impartial, unarmed, non-uniformed, international monitors

As stated by the Secretary-General in his report to the Security Council on 30 December 2020, in which he proposed ceasefire support arrangements, through the establishment of a monitoring component as part of UNSMIL, the Mission reaffirms that it foresees the deployment of a limited number of impartial, unarmed, non-uniformed, international monitors, to complement the Libyan monitors deployed by the 5+5 JMC.

Furthermore, the Secretary-General’s report stressed that the “implementation of the ceasefire agreement must be Libyan-led and Libyan-owned and complementary to the ongoing efforts of the Libyan 5+5 JMC in the implementation of the ceasefire agreement.”


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