Libyan and Egyptian Labour ministries discuss electronic system to organize entry of Egyptian workers into Libya

By Sami Zaptia.

A high-level Labour Ministry delegation visited Egypt to establish an electronic system to organize Egyptian workers entering Libya (Photo: Labour Ministry).

London, 14 March 2021:

The Libyan and Egyptian Labour Ministries discussed a mechanism for implementing an electronic system to organize and control the entry of Egyptian workers into Libya, Libya’s Labour Ministry announced yesterday.

Yesterday’s revelation came on the back of the visit of a high-level Libyan delegation to Egypt with its Ministry of Manpower last Thursday (11 March).

The meeting discussed the establishment of an electronic mechanism for Egyptian workers to enter the Libyan labour market which, the Libyan Labour Ministry said, would contribute to facilitating procedures for the entry of Egyptian workers to Libya in accordance with legal controls and conditions.

The Ministry said the two sides expressed their desire and readiness to put in place such an electronic mechanism and proposed at the meeting the formation of a joint committee to follow up on the system, and a joint technical committee to implement the electronic system.

It is expected that once Libya stabilises politically and security is established 1-2 million Egyptian workers could end up working in Libya.


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