Italian medics express desire to continue working in Libya – to help transfer knowledge and localize healthcare

By Sami Zaptia.

Italian medical teams expressed their desire to Libya’s Health Ministry to continue working in Libya (Photo: Health Ministry).

London, 8 April 2021:

A delegation representing Italian medics expressed their desire to continue working in Libya. The sentiment was expressed yesterday during their meeting with Libya’s Health Minister Ali Zanati at the Ministry in Tripoli.

Minister Zanati confirmed during the meeting that the aim of localizing treatment is to provide treatment to the patient while he is between his family. He said the suffering of patients abroad to receive treatment is a bitter experience, starting from the hardship of travel to the costs associated with the treatment trip that have exhausted patients.

The Minister said that while Libyan medical centres and hospitals are not owned by major foreign countries, all Libya needs is to develop its domestic health sector is to transfer expertise and exchange it with international and university centres, so that everyone in the sector benefits from medical training, and most importantly, alleviate suffering and providing the best services to the Libyan citizen.

The Italian medical team thanked the Minister and assured that they are ready to provide their services in various medical departments and specialties, as they had previously had experiences with Gharian Teaching Hospital and several other hospitals, and that they are interested in working as an integrated team in all specialties to provide the best services and train medical and auxiliary staff.

On a similar note, the Libyan Health Ministry announced yesterday that it had extended the contract for a French medical team to continue working in Libya.

Contract extended for French doctors to continue localizing medical treatment and training | (

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