Libya and UK discuss mental health and localization of healthcare

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya and Britain seek cooperation in the health sector (Photo: Health Ministry).

London, 3 May 2021:  

Libya’s Health Minister Ali Zanati received in his office the Chargé d’Affairs of the United Kingdom Embassy Kate English yesterday where the discussion revolved around the pandemic situation in the two countries, as well as the health situation in general, and the possibility of cooperation in the health field.

The Health Ministry reported that English affirmed that her country is ready to stand with Libya in the field of health, and that they support the development of the health sector and are ready to cooperate to benefit the sector.

She praised the role of the Minister of Health in these circumstances and hope to provide support to the sector through the Ministry of Health.

The Minister of Health thanked her for Britain’s desire to support the health sector, and that Libya opened its doors for cooperation in various fields and various disciplines, whether training, participation or cooperation.

Minister Zanati also noted in the meeting the need to promote mental health and its importance, especially after the period of instability that Libya went through.

The Minister considered that mental health is a cornerstone in building qualified capabilities needing attention and cooperation.

Chargé d’Affairs English expressed Britain’s interest in cooperating with Libya and that Libya has a distinguished historical relationship with Britain, and that they will learn about the minister’s vision in the programme of localizing treatment at home, and the possibility of localizing expertise within Libyan medical institutions, by sending British experts specialized in this field.


Localization of treatment at home and organization of treatment abroad – aim of Health Ministry | (


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