ESDF PVC pipe factory resumes production

By Sami Zaptia.

ESDF reopens PVC pipes factory (Photo: ESDF).

London, 1 June 2021:

The Economic and Social Development Fund announced that its Al-Inma/Enma Pipes Manufacturing Company resumed production last Sunday.

This was possible, it explained, after the completion of the maintenance phase on one of the production lines in the PVC factory which enabled the trial production process to resume on the 160-200 mm line. It is now ready for full production and marketing of products to the market, it added.

The company said it now hopes to contribute to meeting the local market’s need for the company’s product, which it said is one of the most important components of the infrastructure, especially because of its high specifications.

This new achievement comes in light of the plans that the company’s board of directors are implementing to restart all production lines, it added.


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