Audit Bureau launches pilot system for inspecting local and overseas state-paid medical bills

By Sami Zaptia.

The Audit Bureau has set up a system to monitor local and overseas state-paid medical treatment bills (Photo: Audit Bureau).

London, 15 June 2021:

The head of the Libyan Audit Bureau Khaled Shakshak met yesterday with several stakeholders at his office to review the results of the trial launch of the pilot system for inspecting local and overseas state medical bills. The system covers both civilian patients and patients wounded in fighting.

The Audit Bureau reported that the pilot system received positive feedback from various stakeholders which will enable it to track all medical expenses locally and overseas to intercept any signs of corruption.

Corruption in state-paid overseas medical treatment

It will be recalled that the vexed issue of treatment of Libyan patients abroad has been a subject of much controversy. Both foreign clinics and patients have been accused of corruptly abusing the system, leaving the Libyan state with hefty and what it considers as disproportionate bills.

There are numerous foreign clinics, including Turkey, Jordan and Tunisia, still awaiting payments by the Libyan state. Libya has insisted on reviewing the bills presented to it by many clinics.


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