Manmade River Project discusses renewables with Greece’s Metka

By Sami Zaptia.

The Manmade River Project is discussing renewables with Greece’s METKA (Photo: MMR).

London, 24 June 2021:

The Manmade River (MMR) Project revealed today that it held a meeting with Greece’s METKA engineering energy company.

The MMR said this comes within the framework of technical institutional development in introducing used and modern technologies of renewable and alternative energies to achieve sustainable development. The MMR said it invited METKA for a meeting as it specializes in the use of solar energy in electricity generation.

METKA presented a visual presentation showing its technical capabilities and the scope of its work in various countries of the world. The company also clarified the modern methods and methods of using solar energy and the extent of development that occurred during the recent period, the MMR reported.

METKA implementing Tobruk power station

It will be recalled that since November 2020, METKA has been implementing the stalled dual fuel Tobruk 740 MW power station. The project was first agreed in 2017.


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