A consignment of 117,600 doses of Astra Zeneca anti-Coronavirus vaccines land in Tripoli

By Sami Zaptia.

A batch of 117,600 Astra Zeneca vaccines arrived in Tripoli through Covax (Photo: UNICEF).

London, 13 August 2021:

A new shipment of 117,600 Astra Zeneca anti-Coronavirus vaccines landed at Tripoli’s Mitiga airport late last night, UNICEF Libya reports.

UNICEF reported that this is the third batch of vaccines to arrive in Libya through the COVAX Facility.

The UN body explained that Libya is a self-financing participant in the COVAX Facility and already received the first shipment of 57,600 doses in April and second shipment of 117,600 doses in May.

It explained that it is facilitating the procurement, arrival, and delivery of the vaccines, which will help speed up the national vaccination programme.

This third consignment to arrive through COVAX is, overall, the twelfth consignment of vaccines to arrive in Libya.

It brings the total number of the four brands (Sputnik V, Astra Zeneva, Pfizer and Sinovac/pharm) received in Libya to 3,398,652 doses.


Vaccine arrivals in Libya

Brand Quantity Date of arrival Note
1 Sputnik V 101,252 040421 Via UAE
2 Oxford AstraZeneca 57,600 080421 Via Covax
3 Sputnik V 100,000 090421 ?
4 Sinovac 150,000 140421 Via Turkey
5 Oxford AstraZeneca 117,600 190521 Via Covax
6 Sputnik V 100,00 150621 ?
7 Pfizer 54,600 240621 Via Covax
8 Sputnik V 100,000 060721 ?
9 Sputnik V 500,000 190721 ?
10 Sinovac/pharm 1,200,000 020821 ?
11 Sinovac/pharm 800,000 040821 ?
12 Oxford AstraZeneca 117,600 120821 Via Covax
Total: 3,398,652



Another 500,000 doses arriving

Earlier this month the Libyan government said that another 500,000 doses (250,000 each of Pfizer and of Astra Zeneca) are also expected soon.

Libya has ordered 12 million doses

Libya had announced it had ordered a total of 12 million doses for its population of 6.9 million people. The vaccine is available to non-national residents and illegal migrants too.

Over 800,000 vaccinated

According to the latest figures released by Libya’s National Disease Control Centre (NDCD),  801,568 people have now received a vaccination.

Vaccination drive launched

The government has launched a nationwide vaccination drive starting in the two biggest population centres, Tripoli and Benghazi.


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