2.48 million voting cards collected by deadline

By Sami Zaptia.

HNEC reports that over 2.48 registered voters collected their voter cards (Photo: HNEC).

Tripoli, 2 December 2021:

Libya’s High National Elections Commission (HNEC) announced yesterday that a total of 2,480,588 registered voters collected their voting cards by Wednesday’s deadline. Voters can only vote using their voter cards.

This total broke down into 1,440,128 males and 1,040,588 females.

It will be recalled that by the end of the deadline for voter registration on 17 September, a total of 2,865,624 had registered. This broke down into 1,628,305 male and 1,237,319 female voters.

Libya’s population is about 6.9 million.


Libya’s overseas voter registration closed with 10,729 new voters – bringing total of all registered voters to 2,865,624 | (libyaherald.com)

HNEC extends voting card collection deadline to 1 December | (libyaherald.com)




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