HoR meets in closed session: Forms committee to communicate with HNEC– committee to report by next session

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: Tobruk HoR).

Tripoli, 7 December 2021:

The House of Representatives (HoR) reported that it had held an official session in Tobruk today, which it had called for yesterday. The HoR did not reveal how many members had attended, but photos and videos show about 30-40 members in the session.

The session, headed by Second Deputy Head Ehmeed Homa, was held behind closed doors, so its deliberations were reported by its Official Spokesperson Abdalla Belheeg.

Belheeg reported that the session was indeed devoted to discussing developments in the electoral process.

He said after deliberating, the House decided to form a committee with the membership of a member of the Legislative and Constitutional Committee in the House of Representatives, a member of the Interior Committee, the Justice Committee, and the Defence and National Security Committee, in addition to a member of the Monitoring Bodies Follow-up Committee.

Belheeg reported that the task of this committee is to ‘‘communicate with the High National Elections Commission, in order to find out the obstacles, difficulties and all matters related to the conduct of the electoral process, provided that the committee submits its report to the parliament before the next session.’’

HNEC head Sayeh meets HoR Second Deputy Head Homa

On the same occasion, HNEC head Emad Sayeh met the Second Deputy Speaker of the HoR Ehmeed Homa and according Belheeg, ‘‘the meeting dealt with developments in the electoral process, procedures for the presidential and parliamentary elections, and the functioning of the HNEC in accordance with the issued laws from the House of Representatives.’’

The reports on the outcomes of the HoR meeting and of HNEC head Sayeh’s visit to the HoR seem to have put an end in the short term that the HoR or Sayeh had intended to call for a postponement of the 24 December elections.

Most observers hold the view that if such a decision had been taken in secret during the closed session it would have leaked by now.


HoR calls for session to be held in Tobruk tomorrow to discuss the elections | (libyaherald.com)



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