Western Mountain University split into two – Gharyan and Zintan universities; new Wirshefana university

By Libya Herald reporters.


College of Accountancy, Gharyan (Photo: Western Mountain University)

Benghazi/Tunis, 6 June 2017:

The Presidency Council’s Government of National Accord (GNA) has split the University of the Western Mountain into two. There will now be the University of Gharyan and the University of Zintan.

The GNA has also announced university for the Wirshefana area.  The University of Jafara will be based at Zahra.

The other campuses of Western Mountain University will be attached to one or other of the two new universities.

Zintan University will comprise:

  • Faculty of Engineering, Zintan
  • Faculty of Science, Zintan.
  • Faculty of Education, Zintan
  • Faculty of Information Technology, Zintan
  • Faculty of Law, Zintan
  • Faculty of Human Medicine, Zintan
  • Faculty of Dentistry, Zintan
  • Faculty of Medical Technology,  Nalut
  • Faculty of Law and Sharia, Nalut
  • College of Engineering, Jadu
  • Faculty of Education, Jadu
  • Faculty of Education, Yefren
  • Faculty of Education, Kabaw
  • Faculty of Education, Reyayna
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Reyayna
  • Faculty of Education, Tiji
  • Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Tiji
  • Faculty of Education, Darj
  • College of Accountancy, Rujban
  • Faculty of Arts and Science, Tabga

Gharyan University will comprise:

  • Faculty of Human Medicine, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Health Sciences, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Science, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Education, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Law and Political Science, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Medicine and Dental Surgery, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Engineering, Gharyan
  • School of Accounting, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Arts, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Physical Education, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Information Technology, Gharyan
  • Faculty of Arts and Science, Mizda
  • Faculty of Education, Kilka
  • Faculty of Arts and Science, Al-Shgega
  • Faculty of Arts and Science, Badr
  • Faculty of Arts, Al-Asaba
  • College of Science, Al-Asaba
  • College of Education, Al-Asaba

In a separate announcement, the PC said that Azzaytuna University in Bani Walid would now simply be called the Univerity of Bani Wali.  It also moved to settle the row between the University of Zawia and the new University of Sabratha over which campuses would be attached to the latter. It has decided that faculties and colleges in Jmail, Rigdaleen, Soeman and Zultan will be part of Sabratha University.

A number of new universities have been announced since the revolution. In February, the Presidency Council announced the creation of the University of Fezzan, to be headquartered in Murzuk. Three months ago, there was also an announcement of a new university in Jufra.

There are reports that the Beida base government is also thinking of hiving off Benghazi University’s campuses at Kufra, Soloug and Marj into separate universities. The campus at Ajdabiya became a separate university at the end of 2014. It was decided at the same time by the then Zeidan government that Zintan should become the headquarters of the Western Mountain University, but nothing ever came of the decision.

The announcement about giving Gharyan its own fully-fledged university coincided with a visit by the PC’s local government minister Bidad Gansu who met with Mayor Yousif Budeiri and mayors from neighbouring towns to discuss problems facing them.

In almost all cases this comes down to lack of funding.

Gansu with Gharyan mayor Yousif Budeiri

Local government minister Bidad Gansu (left) with Gharyan mayor Yousif Budeiri (centre) (Photo: Gharyan municipality)


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