Tripoli Medical Centre converted into a independent university hospital under direct control of PC

By Sami Zaptia.

Tripoli Medical Centre has been converted into Tripoli University Hospital (Photo: TMC/TUH).

Tripoli Medical Centre has been converted into Tripoli University Hospital (Photo: TMC/TUH).

Lugano, 3 April 2018:

The Faiez Serraj Presidency Council (PC) has passed a decree reorganizing and converting Tripoli Medical Centre (TMC) into a university hospital. Decree 247 (2018), dated 27 February but published on 31 March renames TMC as Tripoli University Hospital (TUH).

TUH will become independent and will be taken away from the direct control of the Ministry of Health. It will have an independent budget and board of directors and will be directly accountable to the PC.

Besides becoming a centre for training and research, the TUH will take on more complex ‘‘third level’’ medical cases. The TUH is the largest operating medical centre in Libya dealing with the most medical cases and covering a wide area in north west Libya.

In the same vain, the PC also announced decree 181 (2018) which establishes the Medical Accreditation Centre which aims at raising medical and healthcare services in Libya.

These moves by the Serraj-led PC come as part of its wider healthcare reform efforts under its National Committee for Health Strategy Reform (NCHSR) launched last October.

In the beginning of March the PC appointed a new director for the then TMC. The new director had also signed a new maintenance contract with Austrian company Vamed for the TMC at the end of March.


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