HoR head Ageela Saleh reassures of his commitment to Paris outcomes

By Sami Zaptia.

HoR head Ageela Saleh reassured of his commitment to the outcomes of the Paris meeting (Photo: HoR).

HoR head Ageela Saleh reassured of his commitment to the outcomes of the Paris meeting (Photo: HoR).

London, 1 June 2018:

The head of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, reassured of his commitment to the outcome of the Paris meeting held on 29 May, HoR official spokesperson Abdalla Belheeg said yesterday.

His statement echoed a similar reassurance made by Presidency Council head Faiez Serraj yesterday.

Their conciliatory statements contrast with those made by Khaled Mishri, the head of the High State Council.

Belheeg said Saleh stressed that elections are the way to get the country out of this crisis, out from this division, the fragmentation of state institutions, the collapse of the economy and the daily suffering of citizens. Saleh stressed his belief that elections were the solution, claiming that he was the first to call for them at the beginning of 2017.

Saleh had called upon the High National Election Commission (HNEC) to prepare for presidential and parliamentary elections and HNEC had responded and started to prepare for elections. The HoR spokesperson said that Saleh had confirmed that elections are the way out of Libya’s current stalemate on more than one occasion more than a year ago so that the Libyan people have their say as they were the source of power and decision-making.

Saleh stressed, according to Belheeg, that all local parties must commit to prepare all that is necessary for holding of elections in December this year and to provide the appropriate security environment, particularly in areas where armed militias are not under the overall command of the armed forces, according to Saleh.

He also called on the international community to follow up on the implementation of the Paris agreement and to oblige all local and regional parties to support its implementation and not to obstruct it. They must also affirm the existence of an honest local and international will to implement the agreement and elections, he added.

Finally, Saleh offered his sincere thanks and appreciation to French President, Emmanuel Macron, and to the Republic of France for the efforts they had made in gathering all the Libyan factions and in organizing the conference with a broad international presence in order to end the Libyan crisis.



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