Supreme Judicial Council approves 10 Libyan political parties out of 18

By Sami Zaptia.

The Supreme Judicial Council.

London, 10 September 2021:

Libya’s Supreme Judicial Council’s Political Parties Affairs Committee announced on Wednesday that it had approved the registration of 10 political parties out of 18 applications.


  1. Al-Tajdeed Party (Renewal)
  2. Al-Jabha Al-Wataniya (the National Front)
  3. The Ijma Al-Watany Al-Democraty
  4. The National Forces Alliance (NFA)
  5. Al-Tajama Al-Watany Al-Libi
  6. Tayar Ya Biladi
  7. Al-Jumoo
  8. Al-Qimma
  9. Libya Al-Watan
  10. Muwatiny

The SJC said the other eight applicants had been rejected for failing to fulfil the legal requirements.


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