Misrata Passenger Terminal receives first passenger cruiser linking Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt

By Sami Zaptia.

Passenger ferry arrives in Misrata heralding the restart of the cruise industry (Photo: Misrata TV).

Tripoli, 16 November 2021:

Misrata’s Maritime Terminal received today its first passenger cruise ship Kevalay Queen.

The ship is expected to run trips linking Libya with Turkey and Tunisia carrying passengers, cars, and goods.

The immediate trips are expected to be with Izmir in Turkey followed by Tunisia and Egypt. Trips to other Libyan ports await the development of other passenger terminals

Kevalay Queen has a capacity of 810 passenger, 2,000 tons of goods, 340 cars and 30 trucks.

The terminal project is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project and is supported by Libya’s Privatization and Investment Board (PIB).

The arrival of the Kevalay Queen heralds the restart of the passenger cruise industry in Libya after a hiatus of more than a decade.


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