BREAKING: LPDF Geneva elections fail to secure winner in round one, round two vote-off after lunch between top two lists

By Sami Zaptia.

The first round of LPDF voting in Geneva failed to produce an overall winner for Libya’s next unified government. Round two this afternoon will be a vote-off between the top two lists (Photo: UNSMIL).

London, 5 February 2021:

None of the candidates’ four lists standing for selection to lead Libya’s next interim, temporary, unified government have succeeded in securing the stipulated 60 percent threshold during this morning’s LPDF elections in Geneva.

List number four led by Ageela Saleh (to head the Presidency Council) and Fathi Bashagha (to be Prime Minister) gained 25 votes. Saleh is from the east and is the current head of the House of Representatives. Bashagha is from Misrata and he is the current Interior Minister in western Libya.

List number three led by Menfi/Dbeibah won 20 votes. List number two won 15 votes and list number one won 13 votes. There was one spoilt vote.

There will now be a second round of voting after lunch between the lists that obtained the most votes in round one; list four and three.

The threshold for the second round is 50 percent + 1 of the valid votes.

Here are the detailed results of round one of voting:

List 1 =13 votes

Mohammad Hasan Sleiman Al-Bargathi (President of the Presidency Council);

Ali Abu Al-Hojob (Member of the Presidency Council);

Idriss Suleiman Ahmed Al-Qaed (Member of the Presidency Council);

Mohammad Khaled Adbullah Ghweil (Prime Minister)

List 2 = 15 votes

Al-Sharif Al-Wafi (President of the Presidency Council);

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abu Al-Qassem Al-Balazi (Member of the Presidency Council);

Omar Mahdi Aboushrida (Member of the Presidency Council);

Mohammed Abdul-Lateef Al-Montaser (Prime Minister)

List 3 = 20 votes

Mohammad Younes Menfi (President of the Presidency Council);

Mossa Al-Koni (Member of the Presidency Council);

Abdullah Hussein Al-Lafi (Member of the Presidency Council);

Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibah (Prime Minister)

List 4 = 25 votes

Aqila Saleh Qwaider (President of the Presidency Council);

Osama Abdul Salam Juwaili (Member of the Presidency Council);

Abdul Majeed Ghaith Seif Al-Nasr (Member of the Presidency Council);

Fathi Ali Abdul Salam Bashagha (Prime Minister)


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