Coronavirus: 12 million vaccines to start arriving in March

By Sami Zaptia.

12 million anti-Coronavirus vaccines to start arriving in March (Photo: Social media).

London, 28 February 2021:

About 12 million doses of anti-Coronavirus vaccines will start to arrive in Libya at the end of next month, the Chairman of the Scientific and Advisory Committee Khalifa Al-Bakoush said during a press conference yesterday.

He said Libya had contracted with four different companies, but did not mention the companies nor the WHO’s Covax initiative. The vaccines will arrive in batches he added.

Bakoush said the vaccine will be available to those infected in isolation centres first, and then to the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

Registration for the Coronavirus vaccine system will be opened at the beginning of March, he explained.

He assured Libyans that the vaccinations will arrive soon, blaming their delayed arrival on the closure imposed by the European Union.

New Presidency Council head, Manfi stressed need for provision of vaccine

It will be recalled that the designated head of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Menfi, accompanied by the members of the Presidency Council, Musa Al-Koni and Abdulla Al-Lafi, and prime minister designate of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba, had met with the Medical Advisory Committee to Combat the Coronavirus in Tripoli on 21 February.

Menfi’s Media Department had reported that Menfi had stressed at the meeting the need for the provision of the Coronavirus vaccine. He had also discussed the mechanism of the Committee’s work, the difficulties it faces and ways to solve them to deal with the pandemic and reduce its spread.

He had also discussed the preparations and needs of isolation and shelter centres to cope with the pandemic. Menfi had stressed that he will support the work of the Committee and provide the vaccine as soon as possible.

Vaccines were to arrive by 24 February?

It will also be recalled that the Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic had announced on 10 February that it will receive the first shipments of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine within two weeks – 24 February.

These were to be allocated to workers in isolation centres of various specialties in all regions of Libya to ensure their safety so that they can perform the tasks assigned to them according to the work plan and distribution mechanism approved by the Committee.

The Committee had reported that it had reviewed the mechanism by which coordination was made with the relevant authorities to receive the vaccine on the specified dates, the specialized committees set up by the committee to monitor its effectiveness and accompanying symptoms, and the mechanism for distributing the vaccine to those who deserve it according to a database prepared by it.

A media public awareness programme to educate citizens about the importance of the vaccine were also to be launched.

Tripoli Health Ministry talked to vaccine manufacturers

Libya’s Tripoli Health Ministry had also reported that it had met with local representatives of the Coronavirus vaccine manufacturers on 8 February to draw up a memorandum of understanding regarding the supply of the vaccine.

During the meeting, the Ministry reported that an agreement was made on the principle of cooperation for the public good, and a mechanism was set up for coordination between the Ministry and the vaccine manufacturers to present their offers for the supply of the vaccine, including delivery time plans.

This, they had reported, was to enable the Ministry to draw up contract notes to present to its legal department. The need to adhere to speedy implementation due to the importance and priority of the subject matter had been stressed at the meeting.

The coronavirus vaccine manufacturers represented at the meeting were not named by the Ministry.


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