Sug Juma Municipality invites offers for eco-friendly waste incinerators

By Sami Zaptia.

Sug Juma Municipality has invited offers for eco-friendly waste incinerators (Logo: Sug Juma).

London, 12 October 2019:

The Municipality of Sug Juma invited companies to make offers for “Eco-friendly” garbage incinerators in accordance with the requirements of the Libyan General Environment Authority on Wednesday.

Interested parties are invited to communicate with the Municipality’s Environmental Sanitation Office at the Municipality headquarters to discuss the specifications of their products in terms of efficiency, capacity, availability etc.

The Municipality said that wishes to evaluate the option of garbage incineration as one of the common solutions used for the disposal of solid waste.

Companies can also submit their proposals for registration at the Municipality’s Corporate Register.

It is worth recalling that the Municipality of Tajura, which shares a border with Sug Juma, had announced on Tuesday that it is to build a waste recycling plant. The proposed plant may be used to recycle waste from the whole of Tripoli subject to further agreement with the Libyan government.

In September, Misrata’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry also invited companies to put forward offers to recycle the city’s rubbish.

The announcements about waste incinerators and recycling comes amidst a garbage collection crisis in the country’s capital. Garbage has been pilling up into small mounds on roadsides uncollected as the authorities struggle to collect it.

It also reflects the lack of funds available from central government and the new drive by central government to give up powers and responsibilities for numerous services to municipalities.



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