Zliten egg packaging factory calls for unlimited supply of recycled paper

By Sami Zaptia.

Zliten egg packaging factory calls for supply of recycled paper (Photo: Zliten packaging factory).

London, 23 February 2020:

Zliten egg packaging/carton factory has called for the unlimited supply of recycled white paper, books and exercise books to produce egg packaging.

The factory said in its public announcement last week that it would purchase the paper at LD 0.35 per kilo based on delivery at its Zliten factory.

The factory is hoping to take advantage of the garbage collection crisis that Libya is suffering and the new drive by several municipalities to launch recycling projects.

It will be recalled that Libyan cities have suffered from the pile up of garbage on roadsides as the authorities have failed to deal with the multi-fronted rubbish-collection crisis.

Besides a lack of money to pay the council workers and the indecision as to who is responsible for garbage collection, the Tripoli war has cut the city off its main traditional waste dumps located beyond the current fighting fronts.


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