Libya and Malta sign transport MoU allowing for Medavia flight resumption and Maltese registration of Libyan carrier

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 29 October 2020:

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Libya and Malta on cooperation in the field of aviation and maritime transport, the Libyan Airports Authority (LAA) reported yesterday.

The MoU included an agreement to resume flights between the two countries through the Mediterranean Aviation Company (Medavia), provided that the necessary anti-Coronavirus pandemic measures are observed. Medavia is owned by the Libyan Foreign Investment Company.

The registration of one of Libyan Airlines’ aircraft in Malta, to circumvent the current EU Libya flight ban, as well as and the contribution of the Maltese institutions in raising the efficiency of Libyan cadres in the field of aviation and airports, was also agreed in the MoU.

It will be recalled that the LAA had reported on 3 August that a specialist delegation from the Maltese Civil Aviation Authority had visited Mitiga airport to ‘‘inspect and evaluate the airport and its facilities and determine the possibility of operating scheduled commercial flights between Libya and Malta’’.

During the visit, the Maltese delegation conducted an inspection tour of some airport facilities, including the passenger terminal, baggage screening area, air control tower, aircraft parking lot and the perimeter fence, in addition to checking the automatic baggage checks and identifying the procedures to be followed by passengers from arrival at the airport until leaving, in order to ensure that they conform to the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization.


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