ESDF to organize workshop on PPP ‘‘Development and Investment Opportunities’’ in over 15 multi-sector stalled projects worth LD 2 billion

By Sami Zaptia.

(Photo: ESDF).

London, 31 July 2021:

Libya’s quasi-state Economic and Social Development Fund (ESDF) is to hold an ‘‘expanded’’ workshop in mid-September on ‘‘Development and Investment Opportunities’’ in its multi-sector stalled projects.

These will include more than fifteen residential, tourist, industrial and commercial projects, which it says exceed the estimated completion value of LD 2 billion distributed over the various regions of Libya.

Announcing the event on Thursday, the ESDF said the event will be held at one of its yet-to-be determined locations after completion of its detailed programme.

It explained that the workshop will introduce many of its projects now stalled for over 10 years (due to the 2011 revolution that ended the Qaddafi regime) open for outside investment and feature visual presentations with technical description and estimated values necessary for their completion.

The workshop will also include field visits to several target sites in the presence of several Sovereign authorities, ministries and relevant institutions to enrich the discussion.

PPP with local and foreign sector?

The ESDF also revealed that it will invite financial and banking institutions, the local and foreign private sector, and those interested in the subject to contribute and engage in direct participation to complete and operate some of these projects.

Explaining the rationale behind the workshop, the ESDF recalled that its Board of Directors in its Seventh Regular meeting in 2021 had expressed a strong desire to complete these projects.


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