77 HoR members hold consultative meeting in Sabrata, 100 expected by today – 91 needed for quorum?

By Sami Zaptia.

Reportedly, 77 HoR members met in Sabrata yesterday in an attempt to endorse the new Government of National Unity (Photo:).

London, 16 February 2021:

Seventy-seven members of the House of Representatives (HoR) held a consultative meeting yesterday in preparation for today’s session in Sabrata. At least one hundred are expected by today. This would be well down on the 127 that had met in Ghadames.

On the tricky question of what number makes a quorum, HoR members have been reported by various Libyan media outlets as saying that 91 would make a legal quorate.

The meeting, which included members from the east and south, concluded with several outcomes, the most important of which are:

  1. Finding the necessary means for the HoR to grant confidence to the Government of National Unity (GNU)
  2. Working to unify the HoR to complete its remaining obligations
  3. The necessity to adhere to the implementation of the obligations mentioned in the agenda agreed upon in the Ghadames sessions

An agreement was also reached regarding the items on the agenda of the session to be held today, which concludes as follows:

  1. Restructuring the HoR so that it is able to fulfil the obligations entrusted to it.
  2. Using “Zoom” for participation by members in sessions and in voting, taking into account the circumstances that some members are going through.
  3. Forming a team to communicate with HoR members with the aim of uniting efforts and achieving a quorum to be able to hold quorate sessions.

It will be recalled that under the chairmanship of Ageela Saleh, the ‘‘official’’ HoR held a meeting in Tobruk yesterday with about 20 members.


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