Sabrata HoR meeting calls for unified Sirte meeting on 23-24 February to approve GNU

By Sami Zaptia.

The 97 member ”unofficial” HoR Sabrata meeting has called for a unified meeting in Sirte from 23-24 February to endorse the GNU (Photo: Tripoli HoR).

17 February 2021:

The ‘‘Ghadames bloc’’ of House of Representatives members yesterday ended their two-day (14-15 February) meeting in the north-western coastal city of Sabrata.

Does 97 constitute a quorum?

In their closing statement, they reported that 97 members had attended – down on the peak 127 they had reported in their 7-8 December 2020 Ghadames meeting. They claimed that 97 members passes the needed quorum – but they did not specify what number they considered to be a quorum.

The south want chairmanship of the HoR

Reports say some members from the south of Libya chose not to attend in protest at not being given the chairmanship of the HoR, as part of the regional division of posts. This is based on the fact that the newly selected head of the Presidency Council, Mohamed Menfi, is from the east. They feel that the head of the HoR, currently Ageela Saleh, should not also be from the east.

Ageela Salah feels he is elected by the people – not selected

Ageela Salah may feel differently. He feels he and his Tobruk based HoR are sacrosanct as they were actually elected democratically in 2014 by the people – and not selected.

In conclusion, the Sabrata HoR meeting concluded the following:

  • To hold a session in Sirte next Monday and Tuesday (23-24 February) after communicating with the 5+5 Joint Military Commission which must confirm within 24 hours if the meeting can go ahead in Sirte. If this is not possible, the meeting will be held in Sabratha.


  • To invite the heads of the Tripoli and Tobruk HoRs to attend the session, and in the event that they are absent, the session will be chaired by the oldest members, with a pledge to abide by the agreed agenda.


  • The agenda scheduled for the next session is:

a/ the re-election of the HoR head from a member from the South, according to the Cairo Declaration.

b/ the adoption of the outcomes of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) held in Geneva

and the discussion of mechanisms for giving confidence to the Government of National Unity (GNU).

c/approving amendments to the internal regulations, including adding the parliamentary session.


  • Call on all HoR members to put the nation first by attending the Sirte session on the agreed date.

It will be recalled that the HoR meeting held in Tobruk on Monday under the chairmanship of Ageela Saleh commanded about 20 members.

It too called for a special session in Sirte to endorse the GNU but it also issued its own conditions for the meeting. It will be seen if the two blocs can compromise their conditions and hold a unified meeting.


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