74 HoR members announce unconditional GNU support – in lieu of an announcement of a unified HoR meeting

By Sami Zaptia.

73 HoR members have announced their unconditional support for the GNU (Photo: Alwataniya TV).

London, 25 February 2021:

Seventy-four House of Representatives (HoR) members announced yesterday their unconditional support for the Government of National Unity.

In their statement the 73 members called on prime ministers designate, Abd Alhamid Dabaiba, to consider the criteria of competence, honesty and experience, and giving the opportunity to new faces when – choosing members of his government.

The HoR members also called on the rest of the members to hold a session to grant confidence to the GNU.

The members expressed their surprise that considering the circumstances and the toing and froing, and the resulting division of institutions, some members were seeking sovereign positions.

It is believed that 74 does not make a legal quorum and the validity of such an ‘‘unconditional’’ support announcement is questionable. However, it is seen more as a form of pressure on reluctant members and HoR Tobruk head, Ageela Saleh.

The headed paper on which the 73 members are listed is not signed or stamped. It is the headed paper usually used by the Tripoli based HoR. There is another list circulating on social media with 84 members listed, again not signed or stamped. It is on headed paper that is usually used by the Tobruk based HoR.


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