Tunisia conference to revive Libyan transit corridor to Africa as the most important gateway to Africa

By Sami Zaptia.

Tunisia conference to revive Libyan transit corridor to Africa as the most important gateway to Africa (Photo: TABC).

London, 10 June 2021:

The 4th edition of the Financing Investment & Trade in Africa 2021 conference being held between 24-26 June at the Laico Hotel, Tunis will dedicate a day to Libya.

‘‘We have dedicated Saturday 26th of June to Libya under the title “Tunisian-Libyan Forum”, and this is a project to revive the transit corridor in Libya – because it was the most important gateway to Africa.”, President of the Tunisian-African Business Council (TABC) Anis Jaziri told Tunisian media outlet Radio Cap FM today.

The conference will include many ministers and heads of chambers of commerce, in the presence of six ministers and 100 African and Moroccan personalities, while Congo and Libya will be guests of honour, according the TABC head.

Referring to the ‘‘Libyan Tunisian Economic Forum: Towards Linking with Africa’’ that was held in Tripoli between 23-25 May and co-organized by TABC, TABC said ‘‘After the great success of the show in Tripoli, a great Libyan and Nigerian (Niger) delegation will be present at FITA 2021, to present the Tunisian-Libyan-Nigerian vision towards Africa.

Al-Jaziri also stressed that, through this forum, a strategic paper will be presented to make Libya and Tunisia ‘‘the gateway to Africa’’ and to attract European and Asian investment.

“Despite the logistical obstacles, we are making great efforts to bring Tunisia to the African market,” he added.

70 international financial institutions present

He added, “There are also 70 international financial institutions present in the investment fund of this forum.”

Jaziri confirmed, “Through this forum, an investment fund will be introduced under the title “AFRICA 50″ under the management of the African Development Bank, which is specialized in infrastructure and energy, to open horizons towards sub-Saharan African markets.”


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