Ministries of Health and Industry discuss reactivation of Libya’s pharma industry at Rabta factory

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s Health and Industry Ministers discuss reactivating the Rabta pharma factory and oxygen production (Photo: Health Ministry).

London, 31 July 2021:

Libya is considering reactivating its formerly notorious Rabta pharma factory complex in an effort to restart its medicines sector.

The revelation came after a meeting Thursday between the country’s Ministers of Health and, Industry and Minerals.

The Ministries said they were considering two phases of restarting the Rabta complex. In the first phase, they were seeking short-term investment through foreign companies, until an integrated vision for long-term investment is developed as a second phase.

The Ministries said they also discussed reactivating the country’s Association for Pharmaceutical Industries and ways to promote it again.

Expanding oxygen production for anti-Coronavirus effort

On a topical note, the Ministries also discussed how to take advantage of the country’s oxygen-producing factories, such as the oxygen factory in the Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO), and how to increase its production capacity to meet the demand for oxygen that has increased due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


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