Aldabaiba visits model solar panel car park project

By Sami Zaptia.

The solar panel car park project is linked to the national grid (Photo: E. Saleh).

London, 30 April 2021:

Libyan prime minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba visited the model solar panel car park project at the Centre for Solar Energy and Research (CSERS) in Tajura yesterday.

He was celebrating the completion of the project and was reported to have been impressed by the project and confirmed that these type of ideas and projects are what his government should encourage and expand on.

As reported by Libya Herald in September last year, the project is being implemented by the private sector Alhandasya company. Alhandasya’s Elmabrouk Saleh had told Libya Herald that the project is funded by the Libyan government, through the Libyan Authority for Scientific Research and the Ministry of Education.

The solar power project will be connected to the national grid producing 62 KW. The solar panels will be designed in such a manner that the area underneath them will be utilized as a car park, Saleh had explained.

This project is linked to the national electrical grid, but it can also be designed independently of the grid to generate the needs of a residential area, an educational institution, a factory, and others with its needs of renewable energy to save fuel consumption and maintain the cleanliness of the environment, Saleh added.

The project site had also been visited by Germany’s Ambassador to Tripoli, Oliver Owcza, as a guest of Alhandasya. The projects is one of the deliverables of the Berlin Libya Economic Conference attended by Alhandasya in 2019, Saleh revealed.

The Conference’s deliverables included:

  • The maintenance and completion of Libya’s power plants to reduce the country’s power generation deficit of around 1,500 MW.
  • The localization of solar energy.
  • Support to the private sector.

Saleh had revealed that there are other projects in the pipeline awaiting funding and approval.


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